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25 Years of providing the
highest quality mining repair services
in the goldfields region & beyond.

From complete zero hour machine rebuilds to regular service & maintenance, our team are committed to providing the best services available. Committed to safety, efficiency, and precision we want to partner with you to provide the services you need to succeed.

Worthy Engineering Services

Worthy Engineering is a mining services repairer, operating a team of 70 employees from large workshop facilities in Kalgoorlie and Perth. Worthy Engineering is part of the Worthy Group, which encompasses several businesses that provide wholistic supply, disposal, and marketing solutions. Worthy Engineering offers a wide range of repair services to support our client’s operations. These include Full Machine Rebuilds, Component Rebuilds, Auto Electrical, Boilermaking, Lineboring, Light Vehicle Repairs, Sandblasting & Paint, Field Service, Labour Hire and Machine Hire. At Worthy Engineering, we value quality workmanship and ensuring minimum downtime for our clients. We provide transparent and reliable service with safety always at the forefront.  

Partnering for your success

Rebuild Programs

Worthy Engineering offers our clients a reliable and cost-effective solution for managing and executing equipment and component rebuilds.

One of the benefits of our rebuild program is that it eliminates on-site risks as the work is completed in our purpose-built workshops.

Additionally, the program significantly improves equipment availability, reducing downtime and ensuring our clients’ equipment is operational sooner.

Flexible Solutions

Our extensive workshop facilities are located in Kalgoorlie and Perth, making it easy for clients to schedule and bring heavy assets to us. Worthy Engineering can also provide replacement rental equipment to ensure operations can continue without interruption.

Worthy Engineering have a fleet of field service vehicles, tooling, and diagnostic software to assist our remote mining clients. Our Field Service technicians are available to service any make or model of equipment at any location, at a time that is convenient.

Labour & Asset Support

Worthy Engineering offers an extensive selection of tradespeople who are available for rapid deployment to mine sites and workshops across the state. Our labour hire tradespeople are highly qualified and experienced in OEM and are qualified in both field and workshop-based labour. Worthy Engineering have a small fleet of hire equipment to assist with our clients’ requirements. The Worthy Engineering team can review other rental opportunities as required and we are more than happy to discuss offering short or long-term options on other equipment.

Worthy Engineering Careers


Our teams safety is our top priority. Which is why we take every measure to ensure that we all work in a safe environment. From providing regular safety training and equipment, to implementing strict safety protocols, Worthy Engineering is committed to minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. A safe and happy work environment is it's own reward, and it also allows us to enhances our productivity and the service we offer to our partners.


We want to empower our team to be their best both in the workshop and outside of work hours. Our commitment to quality workmanship for our clients means that we want to build a team of skilled and dedicated individuals who work together seamlessly. Our team is able to collaborate effectively, sharing knowledge and expertise.


With 70 employees operating from large workshop facilities in Kalgoorlie and Perth, we offer a wide range of repair services to support our client's operations. Whether it's Full Machine Rebuilds, Component Rebuilds, Auto Electrical, Boilermaking, Lineboring, Light Vehicle Repairs, Sandblasting & Paint, Field Service, Labour Hire, or Machine Hire, with a huge range of services on offer you have the flexibility to pursue the career and skills you want to develop.